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Regal, Effusive, Undeniably Alive.

Oakville Ranch is rambunctiously alive. In the decades since Bob and Mary Miner bought the 350-acre property with a desire to showcase what the Oakville sub-appellation is capable of producing in the context of a mountain vineyard, the obsessive care that has gone into priming the soil and vines is now yielding fruit of unprecedented quality. With much of its pristine grasslands and forests untouched, the ranch is a landscape of uncontained beauty and boundless promise—promise that grows bolder with every harvest.

A gradual and deliberate shift from conventional, reductive farming methods to more sustainable principles has established a naturally animated vineyard ecosystem. Organic practices now encourage plant and insect diversity among the vines, rather than trying to vanquish it. The soil is reawakened. The vineyards have been patiently replanted and the hillsides cultivated to allow terraces to grow in tandem with vines. Always a producer of super-premium fruit, Oakville Ranch is now yielding grapes of a quality unmatched by the vast majority of Napa Valley growers.

oakville ranch