The vineyards at Oakville Ranch are certified organic by CCOF, but expert viticulturist Phil Coturri farms them with an approach that can be described as "beyond organic," with the philosophy that balance in the wine glass begins with balance in the vineyard, we implement a well-planned program of sustainability, utilizing seasonal cover crops, insectaries, and supplying perches and nesting boxes to encourage birds of prey and insect-eating bluebirds. The ranch's lush gardens and fruit trees, and the native grasses and woodlands surrounding the vineyards provide important biodiversity.

The vines themselves are tended with the highest attention to detail. Winter pruning builds a strong foundation for the upcoming vintage. During the growing season, vines are positioned, fruit is thinned and individual clusters are carefully managed to promote uniformity of ripeness and flavor. Spot irrigation provides the correct amount of water each vine requires, ensuring quality and uniformity. By the time harvest comes, each vine and each grape cluster has been addressed more than half a dozen times, all with the goal of extracting the distinct terroir of this remarkable estate.