2011 Cabernet
Sauvignon 1.5L

$ 265.00

60 bottles produced

Unit of measure on site is incorrect. It is a coding error and Shopify is working on it.  6x1.5L = 1 case

The Oakville district is home to some of Napa Valley’s most celebrated Cabernets and the mountain vineyards of Oakville Ranch yield grapes with the deep cassis and classic berry flavors characteristic of the Ranch’s red volcanic soil. A bright, forward wine expressive of place and vintage, this 2011 Cabernet opens up beautifully in the glass and decanter and grows more supple as the aromas broaden to include vanilla, sweet cherries and dark chocolate. The tannins are fine and velvety and the finish is fruit-forward and long-lasting, ending on a note of spice.