2016 Oakville Ranch 750mL

$ 190.00

218 6-pack cases produced

The 2016 Oakville Ranch represents the best barrels from a near-perfect vintage, the most authentic representation of place and time. Our signature Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc is a wine of great depth and complexity. The aromas are of ripe black fruit, savory herbs and cedar, backed by spicy notes of cinnamon and black pepper. Lush jammy fruit flavors hint at mocha and cocoa, ending in a velvety finish with well-integrated tannins. Evolving with time, this is a wine for the ages, with a long future ahead. Our winemaker recommends decanting this wine to fully appreciate its complexity. Enjoy the process of observing the subtle changes as this luscious wine evolves.